Saturday, January 7, 2017

The Unofficial Nick Batt Eurorack Synth - A Celebration of PWM

I was sitting here, with a tremendous headache, and I didn't want to work on my gear. I didn't want to waste time either so I wondered, what would Nick Batt do? I pondered that thought for a moment when it came to me, Nick would design the ultimate PWM synth on So I lit a few candles, took some asprin, put on some Andy Stott at a very low volume, and got to it.

Before channeling Nick's thoughts I established a few ground rules.

1. The synth should use no more than 3 rows at 104hp in width. After all, Nick needs to be able to carry it around without hitting the gym.
2. The synth needed at least twice as many VCOs as a Dewanatron. Maybe Trent Reznor would like this synth too one if I put a ribbon controller on it.
3. This synth needed Maths, because according to, everyone needs Maths.
4. This synth needed to be laid out in a way that was easy to patch and all components needed maximum utility for their size.
4. This synth should have stereo output as we can't have all that PWM goodness hiding inside of a mono track.
5. This synth needed to have some special analog phasing to emphasis PWM and the VCF's sing songy resonance.
6. You can never have too many VCAs

Here is what I came up with in about 10 minutes. What can I add to this synth to get the attention of my two heroes, Nick Batt and Trent Reznor?

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