Friday, December 23, 2016

Expanding the Mother 32 - Part 1 - Always Measure First

Since discovering ModularGrid.Net I've spent far too much time attempting to stuff a 60hp wide Mother 32 skiff with the most essential companion modules to get the most out of the Moog Voice. As a result, there has been a parade of Eurorack modules showing up at my doorstep via UPS. Sadly, I assumed that my first choice in VCO, the slim and affordable Doepfer A-111-3, would fit into the Moog 60hp skiff, it does not fit. :(

The Doepfer A-111-3 is too deep due to the arrangement of the reproduction CEM 3340 chip on the circuit board. It's interesting how simple of a PCB the A-111-3 uses. Perhaps we'll see a DIY VCO based on the CEM3340 with buffered outputs in the near future.

The Doepfer A-111-3, circuit board view.

If you've never seen how thin a Mother 32 is, here is your chance. I've also included a photo of the little audio output / power supply Moog uses. The Moog power supply is NOT Eurorack standard however the Mother 32 has a Eurorack standard power connector on the PCB.

So , if you read this post, do you have any suggestions on a space saving triangle core VCO that I can put into this case? If so, please comment below.

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