Saturday, December 17, 2016

Witness The Dreadbox NYX

You know, I really liked the Erebus but something about it just didn't quite do it for me. I nearly pulled the trigger a few times but I just couldn't get over the Erebus's lack of oscillator FM. I emailed Dreadbox about it and they promptly told me how to mod the synth but it wasn't a project I wanted to get into.

Ok Dreadbox, now you have this synth nerd's attention.

I love the idea of modular stuff but a self contained synth module is a thing of beauty. Have you ever heard an Intellijel Atlantis? Or better yet, how about a jam with both an Atlantis plus a Dreadbox. :)

A well conceived analog synth voice is easy to navigate and should lend itself to melodic creativity. The new NYX certainly sounds the part and I dig the easy modulation routing , intuitive layout, and sliders. I see Dreadbox isn't touting through hole construction on the NYX as they did on the Erebus. Regardless, kudos to Dreadbox on such a great box. It's a great time to be into analog don't you think?

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