Friday, December 23, 2016

Expanding The Mother 32 - Part 2 - In The Interim

So I've decided to take a few modules that I've planned to use in my DIY rack and put them in the Mother 32 skiff for now. I starting to think the Mother 32 will make a funky little groove box. Now if my AC adapter for the uZeus will just show up!

1. Roland System-500 512 - I'm hoping for some old school VCO action with this guy. I love the sliders.
2. Make Noise ModDemix - Useful for ring-mod and other bipolar VCA type functions.
3. Vermona VCDrive - I've never heard it. I bought it on a whim on Black Friday 2016. It was really $$$ for an overdrive so lets hope it delivers.
4. Intellijel uVCF - This should give me some good self oscillating sine waves to use for FM. Hopefully the high pass sounds nice so I can run it into the Moog low pass filter for some fat bass sounds. If so, I doubt it will leave this rack.
5. Erica Synths Quad VCA - A VCA that will definitely move to the DIY rack after I assemble my Synthrotek Dual VCA DIY kit.
6. TipTop uZeus - I've mounted it on the front for now. I'm going to attempt to cut a slot in the back of the case and mount it there in the future so I can free up 4hp in the 60hp skiff.

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